“Expect the Unexpected” from Donald Trump at Tonight’s Republican National Convention

CLEVELAND (AP) – Donald Trump is already making it clear that delegates can expect the unexpected at the Republican National Convention, which is getting under way this hour in Cleveland.

He’s announced that he will make a visit to the convention hall tonight to introduce his wife on the first night of speeches.

The couple will then return to New York.

Trump is slated to return to Cleveland on Wednesday. His acceptance speech is scheduled for Thursday. A top adviser says it will be a more traditional “prepared speech” than the ones Trump has become known for on the campaign trail.

There’s been much discussion about guns and open carry as the convention gets underway Monday.

The president of Cleveland’s police union had asked Ohio Gov. John Kasich to suspend the law allowing legal gun owners to carry firearms openly, but Kasich says he doesn’t have that authority.

A Pennsylvania man who’s attending the Trump rally with a Smith and Wesson handgun strapped to his belt says he and the others carrying guns are not there to intimidate anyone. He says it’s more about exercising their rights.

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