After Sunday Shooting Businesses Say Mobile’s Nightlife Needs Clean-Up

Downtown Mobile’s relaxed and charming atmosphere in the daytime helps to attract a lot of business.

“It’s a great city, it’s a better than New Orleans, it’s not as nasty and dirty,” said James Grantham, visiting from Texas.

And the restaurant and hospitality community has been working hard to keep that atmosphere going to bring in new visitors at night.  Lately that has become an issue.

“Too many people coming down here, not spending money with nothing better to do,” said another Mobilian.

As business owners heard and saw images after Sunday’s shooting on Dauphin Street, it brought up memories of what happened similarly last year on near what was Studio 5’4

“Right now we have kids and folks who are drinking outside the trunk of their cars, and it’s just not being enforced, and I just want the police department to do out there what we are doing in here, and I want the parking lot people to do what we’re doing in here,” said Greg Loughlin, Bar Owner.

And business owners and the Downtown Mobile Alliance say they need more consistency from police in enforcing existing rules.

“So you can stop a lot of that cruising by cracking down on the boombox.  Police also can enforce that says you cannot be in a bar that isn’t also a restaurant if you’re under 21,” said Carol Hunter, Downtown Mobile Alliance.

Hunter also believes police should make sure drinks are bought from local restaurants which would be in a logo cup.  Just those few changes, some believe could change the atmosphere at night.

“And you know Sunday morning that was a pretty sketchy our of the day anyway, I wouldn’t come down here.”

We reached out to police to see if they plan on making any changes, but they have not gotten back to us on that. We’ll update you with any changes.

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