String of burglaries reported at Yester Oaks

Yester Oaks

One of the largest apartment complexes in Mobile is battling a string of burglaries.

Police say 7 burglaries have happened at Yester Oaks off Airport Blvd. near the I-65 interchange within the last two months alone.

Those burglaries aren’t just thieves slipping in through an unlocked door, either.

Resident Thomas Gleaton and his girlfriend arrived home on Tuesday night to find their door had been smashed violently in.

They ventured into their apartment and found their TVs and other things gone, drawers in-disarray and things thrown around.

A chair had blocked their front door and a knife was on their TV stand, indicating the thieves may have picked up a knife in hopes of making sure no one was home.

Luckily, Gleaton and his girlfriend were not.

Gleaton told News 5 that he would like to see regular security patrols; Yester Oaks doesn’t have any other than off-duty officers who call the complex home.

He said that discovering the break-in made them feel violated.

Yester Oaks is home to 600 residents and spans some 60 buildings.

Just this past weekend, the complex sent out flyers telling residents to take security precautions because there had been several break-ins.

The flyer warned residents to keep their doors locked and to make sure they check the IDs of anyone who knocks that they don’t know.

Of course, burglaries can happen anywhere.

Some tips to protect your apartment are to put a weighted brace against your doors, something you can pick up at most hardware or home improvement stores.

Also, keep your blinds drawn so thieves can’t see your valuables.

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