Renewed Talk of New Soccer Fields in Mobile

Talk of building new soccer fields in Mobile is once again a hot  topic for the County Commission.

After a nearly three-year debate, County Commissioner Connie Hudson’s plan to build a multi-million dollar soccer complex was stuck down, and now the plan’s biggest opponent, Commission President Jerry Carl, is introducing a new alternative to build 12 soccer fields at three different locations around town.

“What comes first? Our children or commercial side of it? I feel like we’ve lost sight. If we take care of our children first, the soccer complex will take care of itself down the road,” Carl said.

Carl says his idea is a more bi-partisan alternative to the soccer complex because it benefits each of the three districts. He wants to add 4 new fields to the Orange Grove area; three grass fields and one turf. The same goes for Westside park at the old Brewer Center location and Medal of Honor Park.

He predicts it will cost roughly between 8 and 10 million dollars, but hasn’t conducted any scientific studies for that estimate.

“Well, you got to give people an idea. I think going and spending a half million dollars to put the numbers together is not the way I work,” Carl said.

“You just can’t throw numbers out there arbitrarily and expect people to accept it as fact because it’s not until it’s studied,” Commissioner Connie Hudson said.

Carl wants the City to pay for half of the project as well as supply employees to manage the fields. He said his next step is to talk to City Council members and said he’s open to suggestions.


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