Pole Vaulters To Soar Over Dauphin Street Saturday

This Saturday some of Mobile’s finest athletes will be on display at the 6th Annual Dauphin Street Vault. The competition is from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m. downtown. Athletes from 70 high schools and colleges will be participating in the event. Organizers of the competition hoped to promote health and wellness through athletics when they started the program. It is a great opportunity for the Mobile community to be entertained by athletes who have worked hard to reach new heights.

Elite vaulters will begin to compete at 7 p.m. Among those participating are record holders, future Olympians, and professionals. The 6th Annual Dauphin Street Vault has seen the likes of seasoned vaulters from across the country who have gone on to compete at high levels. Recent McGill-Toolen graduate Margaret Ollinger competed in the competition. She posted 13’ 8” vault and was ranked third in the nation among high school athletes. Venture downtown this weekend to catch a glimpse of all of the star vaulters competing in the event.

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