More Details About Cop Impersonator

doug roberts mug

Doug Roberts was arrested and charged Wednesday on 20 counts of impersonating an officer. He claims he was deputized by another constable, however…

“The Supreme Court of Alabama upheld that duly elected and appointed constables cannot legally deputize people to become constables,” says Detective Laura Soulier with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

fake cop's parking ticket

Constable or not, he did not have the power to write parking tickets, which he did for $150 and had the victim send money to a private P.O. box. Roberts also outfitted his car with everything an officer would need.

“The Tahoe he had was equipped better than most police cars out there,” says Soulier.

fake cop's car

We made a list of the things we were told Doug Roberts had in his car. It may surprise you that most of the items were legal—purchased most likely from a police supply website called Galls. However, his red and blue flashing lights along with his radios were illegal.

Investigators say he broke the law writing several parking tickets.

“These charges are completely false and they should have never been brought,” says Doug Roberts.

And now they believe he may have done more than just that.

“We have intelligence that he stopped people on traffic stops, that he has had other police interactions,” says Soulier.

They ask that if you had any interaction with Roberts other than a parking ticket, to please contact Sgt. Keith Miller at the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office at 251-575-6436.

Officers say if you’re being pulled over by an unmarked vehicle with flashing lights and you aren’t sure it’s a real officer here’s what to do: Slow down, then put on your flashers to let the car behind you know that you see them. Call 9-1-1 and give them your location and ask if a legitimate officer in the area is pulling you over, and pull over the first well-lit area you come to.

Chances are an imposter will keep driving and leave you alone if you choose a well-lit place to pull over.

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