Jeff Sessions Vice Presidential Chances Diminishing

Donald Trump Jeff Sessions

Donald Trump’s vice presidential search took a turn this morning when national news outlets announced that he had chosen Indiana Governor Mike Pence. The national spotlight has been on Donald Trump and his VP hopefuls as he moved closer to his decision. Many thought that Alabama’s own Senator Jeff Sessions would be Trump’s choice.

Senator Sessions has been a close advisor to Donald Trump from the beginning and was the first to endorse him publicly. Sessions even sent one of his top aides, Stephen Miller, to serve as Trump’s top policy advisor.

Donald Trump was certainly excited to gain a Sessions endorsement, at the time he said, “Jeff Sessions has never endorsed a presidential candidate before, in all the years he’s been in the Senate.” However, now it seems that Jeff Sessions will not be his running mate.

Alabama’s Republican Chair Terry Lathan is at the Republican National Convention. News 5 spoke with her over FaceTime today and she said the convention is buzzing with the news. “You can hear the buzz. The buzz is around the halls.”

The Trump camp will be announcing Donald Trump’s official vice presidential pick tomorrow at 11a.m.

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