Family and Friends of Michael Moore March to Police Station


by Amber Gerard

Toulminville – Yesterday evening family and friends of Michael Moore marched from the location where he was shot and killed by Mobile police officer, Harold Hurst one month ago to the MPD’s third presinct on St Stephens road. By demonstrating how close back up was for officer Hurst, family members hope to shed light on what they are calling an injustice and delayed criminal investigation.

“’I’ve had surgery here recently, so if I can make it on a walk from that scene here. It just shows how close backup was for this officer if he felt he was threatened by three young men in a car. That he could have waited. That shot’s shouldn’t have been fired,” said D.J Larry, a cousin of Michael Moore.

Moore supporters say they will continue to fight for justice until both officer Hurst and the Mobile Police Department are held accountable.

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