Cameron Harrison To Be Tried As An Adult

Cameron Harrison
Cameron Harrison speaks with one of his attorney's as his parents look on.

When rape charges were filed against Cameron Harrison last year, his attorney’s moved to have him tried as a youthful offender. If convicted the penalties would be less, his record sealed and court proceedings heard only by a judge.

In what the judge called a rare move, Cameron Harrison asked to withdraw that request and it was granted.

“It is a risk,” says defense attorney Mike Dasinger, “and it was a tough decision for Cameron and his family to make and they made that decision.”


The judge’s ruling means Cameron Harrison’s case will now be heard by twelve jurors. He will be tried as an adult.

“The jury trial aspect appealed to him more so with the facts in evidence that we have,” said Dasinger. “We felt like that would be a better position.”

Prosecutors always wanted Harrison tried as an adult. “This really doesn’t change my case at all,” according to assistant district attorney ChaLea Tisdale.


The judge also removed the GPS ankle monitor that had been a condition of Harrison’s bond. He is still required to avoid any contact with the victim and a curfew remains in effect. “You kind of expect some of that when you rape someone,” added Tisdale. “You have to be responsible for your actions. The sad thing to me is, she didn’t do anything wrong and she is being punished more than he is right now.”


Harrison could be back in court as early as September for a trial with twelve jurors listening to every word.

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