WATCH: Car Pulled From Pensacola Bayou

You gotta see this to believe it!

Several different law enforcement agencies responded to a call Tuesday morning, about a SUV submerged in a bayou off of Lillian Highway and Dog Track Road.

When they arrived at the scene, they were able to do some work around the car and figure out the licence plate numbers.  They also spent some time in the water around the car, making sure nothing critical to the investigation had fallen out of the vehicle.

They were able to figure out who the owner was, as the car was still under water, and contact her.  She was unaware the car was even missing, and said she had been trying to sell the white SUV.

The Escambia County Dive Team arrived to help out with the operation, and from there, it was a pretty quick process.  The three divers got in the water, determined there was no one inside the SUV, and began the process of getting it up the boat launch.  They used a pulley system from a wrecker to help out.



One man was driving by the scene, vacationing from East Tennessee, and stopped to watch, and ask a few questions.

“My concern was, did they drive over the bridge?  Or whatever?  No, this…. I’ve never seen one completely submerged,” Jim Hyatt said.

Other than a little bit of green plant on the car, it seems to be in fairly good condition, all things considered.  There were no major signs of damage, other than the gallons of water that poured out from the inside as it was pulled from the water.

An investigation is ongoing.


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