Stormy Tuesday Knocks Out Power to Thousands

Traffic stalled in Robertsdale
A stormy Tuesday knocks out power to thousands in Baldwin County.

Brilliant lightning, thunder, along with torrential rain as heavy storms headed north from the gulf.

FullSizeRender (1)

Thousands were without power that led to mass confusion on roadways. Snarling traffic at intersections where signals were dark and frustrating first responders just trying to keep things moving.

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“Lunch crowd was coming in, power went out,” says restaurant manager Jason Mallette in Robertsdale. The timing couldn’t have been worse. “You control the situation the best you can. You calm your guests down and let them know we are doing the best we can. Keep everybody safe. Get all your equipment off.”

At the height of the storm, electricity was out for around 13 thousand Baldwin EMC customers.
“Foley, Summerdale, out to near Silverhill, up towards Loxley, Steelwood below Bay Minette is where we had the major outages,” says spokesman Mark Ingram.

A transmission line failed. The cause, undetermined.

A two-car crash in Silverhill sent one person to the hospital.

FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (4)

More sirens would fill the air as fire crews answered dozens of alarm calls once power was restored.

Two hours later it was over. Power was restored, skies cleared. Just another typical day in the south during a hot summer.

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