Sanders Endorsement Not Yet A Slam Dunk for Hillary Clinton

It’s a day some hoped would not come.

“I saw the reaction on snap chat, and I was like wow, it really happened,” said Raven Johnson, a visitor from Birmingham.

“I think it’s a tragedy,” said Michael Dilts, Mobile.

“I personally am not a Hillary Clinton fan,” said Hannah Becton, also from Mobile.

It’s not exactly the kind of reaction one might expect after a ringing endorsement.

“When I heard he was running in 2016 I was very excited,” said Becton.

Supporters like Becton a college student says she’s actually disappointed.

“He said he was going to take it all the way to convention and make it a contested convention and he really betrayed a lot of his supporters,” added Becton.

But Sanders knew the vote was just not there, and a vote for Hillary could help beat Donald Trump.  But will Sanders supporters trust Hillary?

“Hard to tell some people will never trust at all,” said Vivan Beckerle, Mobile County Democratic Party Executive Chairwoman.

Beckerle says support for Clinton is strong.  She received a record 29,243 votes in the county during the primary, more than even Barack Obama in 2008.


“I don’t know that Alabama will be totally for Hillary Clinton because we are a red state, but she’ll have a significant count in several of the major counties,” said Beckerle.

And that could help Clinton’s overall popular vote.

“Like when you ran for class president in high school the more you have, the better you look to even your opponents,” explained Beckerle.

But some we talked with feel otherwise.

“I feel like Alabama’s electoral college votes are going to go to a Republican candidate anyways, so I’m concerned about sending a message to the Democratic National Convention that I will not support Hillary, I’m tired of the neoliberal economic policies,” said Becton.

“But I’m not going to vote for people I don’t believe in,” said Dilts.

However, there’s still time, and some former supporters could change their minds.

“I’ve actually been told by some of them, that they’re going to vote for her,” added Beckerle.

There are five months left before the presidential election.

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