Pokémon Go Craze Hits Big, But Is It Safe?

One Pokemon Go player has made a political statement by taking control of the "Westboro Baptist Church gym" in the augmented reality game and placed a Clefairy named "LOVEISLOVE" as its protector. (AP file)

All around you might be seeing something a little different as you drive in Pensacola, people gathered, but eyes locked in on their phones, looking for Pokémon.

It’s one of the latest apps to hit the app store, and for Erran Berestrom coming out at night in downtown Pensacola to catch Pokémon on his app is pure fun and games.

“It’s so awesome, I didn’t realize how big it was going to be, I thought it was going to be a thing, where I would see a couple of people hanging around and saying oh that’s cool,” says Erran Berestrom Pokemon App User.

The crowds keep growing.

“The first night we were doing it, we were seeing people coming out here, and it just kept getting bigger and bigger,” says Berstrom.

However, an app to pass time and stay entertained ended up being dangerous for one Missouri man.

Police say 17-year-old Brett miller, 18-year-old Shane backer and Genine Warner and a 16 year old used the app to lure an unsuspecting man to a location and robbed him at gunpoint. They took the man’s money and cell phone.

And hearing that does concern some people we talked to who are using the app.

“My biggest concern is that I am a female and that I am already vulnerable to a lot of threats out in the world, so when you have something like this when I can’t go outside at night just because of an app,” says another user.

“I’m not concerned because I wouldn’t be going out late at night by myself down the darkest streets in Pensacola,” says Brad Carrigan, who plays the game.

But for now Erran says he will keep looking and being aware of his surroundings.

“No one is going to get violent over it, it’s just a fun thing,” says Berstrom.

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