Midtown Publix Rezoning Vote Postponed

Tuesday’s public hearing to rezone the property where a new Publix is scheduled to be built in midtown did not end in a vote.

Since the project falls in Councilmember Fred Richardson’s district, the council decided to wait until he returns from the London Air Show before they make a decision.

The proposal includes rezoning the property from a combination of  R-1 (one-family residential ) and B-2 (neighborhood business district) to entirely B-2.

A city official explained the restrictions that fall under B-2, specifically tattoo parlors, pawn shops, and mini storage facilities.  He said that some of the structures that a B-2 zone allows for include  convenience stores, credit unions, technical schools, cosmetology schools, daycare facilities, gas stations, nursing homes, diet centers, and recycle centers.

One resident who spoke out at the public hearing said he’s excited about the grocery store but wants a wall built around the property to protect the houses closest to it.  Councilmember Daves urged him and everyone to talk to the developer about the issues they have, and Council President Gina Gregory said the proposal will be brought up again at their next meeting on July 19.



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