A Look Inside Pensacola’s Newest YMCA

Looks like there will be 'Many--- ways-to-have-a-good-time.'

The facility is so new, it isn’t even finished yet! A new YMCA is in the works on the corner of Intendencia and Tarragona streets, but the CW55 was lucky enough to score a sneak peak inside the construction zone!

We’ve all heard the song, but the new YMCA isn’t just built for a ‘young man.’

“As an adult, am I going to be able to utilize this slide as well?” CEO of the YMCA Northwest Florida, Michael Bodenhausen, asked rhetorically.  “The answer is absolutely yes!  The whole idea for this YMCA is that we’re going to be for the whole family, from the babies all the way up to the senior citizens.”

Bodenhausen showed The CW55 around the work in progress, explaining some of the key updates.




“We’re going to have dietitians, we’re going to have doctors coming and actually talking to our members, as well as the community, about how to become healthy and what are the important pieces that we need to be aware of , for a health and wellness aspect,” Bodenhausen explained.

Of course, there will be places for the traditional workout, but even that space is getting a big boost.

“It’s going to be holding over 50 people,” he explained as he took us into a large room.  “We’re going to have yoga, barre classes, any type of exercise classes.”



Bodenhausen went on to explain the importance of a class setting when it comes to fitness.  “Studies have shown that people who are going to be committed to exercise, one of the big keys, is really getting them involved in big group exercise class, not a relationship with a machine, but a relationship with people, and that’s what we’ll be doing here.”

The facility is expected to open this fall.



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