Slain Dallas police officer had Mobile connection


One of the five officers slain in Dallas last week had a Mobile connection.

Sgt. Michael Smith, 55, lived in midtown Mobile when he was a young boy.

He immigrated from Taiwan and went on to become an Army Ranger before joining the police force in Dallas.

Smith was a student at St. Mary’s Elementary School in Mobile on Lafayette Street. School officials told News 5 they found a school record with Smith’s picture showing he was an elementary school student in 1968 and finished in 1972.

Smith’s 25-year career in Dallas was marked by praise from his supervisors including one where he lunged in front a man wielding a knife to save his partner in 2009 and received 31 stitches.

He received the Dallas Police Association’s for the “Cops’ Cop” award, volunteered in the Dallas community and had a wife and two daughters.

His funeral is scheduled for Thursday.  A special mass intention for Officer Smith will be held at 11:30 mass on Sunday at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Mobile.

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