Blues in the City: A Talk About Aviation

Blue Angels
The Blues practiced for about 45 minutes in a modified formation.

The royal blue and gold, the wings on the FA-18 Hornets, the tricks and turns.

“I’ve seen them do loop de loops, spins,” says 6 year old Ben Medley.

It’s what everyone gets excited for when they see the blue angels in flight…and for people attending this forum to meet the solos, this was no different.

“I love watching them fly, whenever they go over base housing they shake the trees, we’re able from our back yard to just sit and watch,” says one Blue Angels fan.

“They fly low and fast, and you can smell the jet fumes, and it’s wonderful,” says one fan.

The shows are so wonderful the crowd had some tough questions for the blue angels about aeronautics.

“The initial question I asked was how many G’s do they pull, because those of us who are not trained would pass out, pulling those kind of G’s,” says one fan.

They also expressed words of gratitude.

“I think about you guys, and it makes it easier and it puts a smile on my face because of what you guys represent and what you do, so thank you very much,” says another fan.

And of course, from those who just wanted to know what it takes to earn those wings.

“Because I love the blue angels and it’s my dream to be them,” says six year old little Joe.

It’s a dream that has been 70 years of reality for the city of Pensacola.

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