Prayer Helping to Heal After Dallas

Robertsdale, AL — WKRG

We’re just days removed from the tragedy in Dallas. Sometimes the best answers and the only answers are found in prayer. It’s one way of coping for lawmen. “Lord we praying father god that you bless the city of Dallas,” said a Baldwin County Chaplain. It was a common prayer throughout the county and elsewhere in the wake of the violence in Dallas. People bowed their heads and looked to the good book for some good ideas. “When the natural response should be fear or anger discouragement Lord in a tough situation you’re able to speak peace,” said another Chaplain.

Whether in prayer or protest, peace has been the theme for the last couple of days. Friday, three prayers were said in Robertsdale at the Fallen Officer Memorial. They prayed for Dallas, for peace and a prayer of protection for law enforcement.

“I pray God that you would put a shield of protection around them,” said Chaplain Joe Aldrete. “That’s what our law enforcement does with the resources, the training and the best they can do and they’re human beings. The deaths in Dallas are stunning to anyone who’s ever worn a badge like retired MPD Lt. John Graham.

“We are cannibalizing our first line of defense, in America, we need to stop and look at what’s happening to ourselves,” said Graham. Some officers, like Elberta’s Police Chief, are praying they can handle the world where some may be automatically hostile to police.

“Because of the environment nowadays, you never know when you’re going to confront somebody it’s not that they hate the individual they hate what you represent,” said Chief Stan DeVane. Black bands around badges are common for a while longer and so is a little more prayer.

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