Scam Buster: Scammers Use Enticing/Scary Words To Get You To Open Emails


A lot of information can be conveyed in just the subject line of an email. It’s meant to convey its topic in a short concise way, but it’s also a handy tool for scammers.

“And it’s just anything to grab you, to get you to open that email,” says Soulier.

They’ll say anything. They’ll entice you saying there’s a donation for you. Here’s someone named Isabella leaving you gold in their will. Someone else may have a job offer for you—what’s easier than the employer coming to you? They’ll also scare you, saying your email or bank account is suspended. Some trick you into thinking you’ve already talked to them. The first line of this one says ‘Thanks for your last email response to me’.

“I’ve obviously responded to them or sent them an email. Or I’ve got to find out who sent them an email on my behalf,” says Soulier.

Once they do that, they either ask you to send back personal information or get you to click on a harmful link.

“See if you qualify, click here to review your options. It’s going to start downloading whatever virus they want.”

Even the “unsubscribe” link is a sham. It makes it look like it’s trying to help, but it will download a virus too. It’s best to just leave it alone.

“If you don’t recognize who it’s from, or it looks like spam or your spam filter has caught it, just delete it.”

Subject lines may even have your name in them, or your middle or last name, even your maiden name. That’s because you’ve registered that email with that name, so it’s easy for scammers to get. But even though it has that personal touch, don’t be fooled.

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