Pensacola Council Could End Invocations

The Devil may make them do it! The City of Pensacola could get rid of prayer before council meetings.

Pensacola City Council meetings usually start with an invocation by a clergy member who has signed up to do so. Next week, a representative of The Satanic Temple West Florida is scheduled to give the invocation. But, he may never get that chance.

Thursday night, the City Council will hold a special meeting and could decide to do away with invocations and replace them with a moment of silence.

Opinions around town are mixed about an invocation offered by someone from the Satanic Temple.

“I don’t think freedom of religion is just freedom of Christianity. Or freedom of just Muslim. If you are open to the choice of freedom of religion… To me, You need to open to everybody’s choice of whatever religion is,” said Eric Playford.

“You have to question their motives. Are they doing it just to spite the religious organizations that normally do the invocation or whatever it is? I wonder what their motives are,” said Therran Gentry.

Tomorrow night’s specially called council meeting begins at 5:30 at city hall.

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