Lock Your Doors: Escambia County Florida Vehicle Theft on the Rise

According to the Escambia Sheriff’s Department Facebook page, this man is pulling at car door handles but had no luck simply because the doors were locked, but not everyone takes the time to press that one button.

“If they really want it they can bust your windows, you ain’t stopping no body with one little lock.”

It’s a small thing that people don’t do daily, and the numbers show it.

According to AAA, nearly half of vehicles thefts are because of driver error.

Out of the top ten states that experience vehicle theft, Florida ranks third on the list, and every 46 seconds a car is stolen in the U.S.

“We have videos from the neighborhoods, and also some businesses, they call if swarming, the young kids will get out and it tends to be a juvenile issue by the way, and they walk through your neighborhood lifting car door handles, and they are looking for the car that’s unlocked,” says Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan

But some people say just a couple of extra seconds is key.

“It is very important that you lock your car doors, because you don’t want to come back and some one has all of your items out of there,” says driver Coleen Spikes.

“All it taken is one time, if someone taken your car like they did mine in Atlanta, you lock your car every time,” says driver Judy Ives.

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