Gulf Coast Man’s Brush With Deadly Case of Vibrio

Jocko Angle came down with a case of Vibrio back in 2013.  He caught it shortly after entering the water here at Popps Ferry Landing back in 2013.

“I didn’t go any further than knee deep water, and about an hour after I got home I started feeling really bad,” said Angle.

Hours later he began feeling acute pain in his lower left leg and went to the hospital.  The leg got worse.

“When they opened up the bandage there was a huge blister the size of a tea cup.”

Weeks later, doctors told him they needed to amputate.

“And he’s like Jocko we’re taking a leg, and I said excuse me.”

But thanks to pictures Angle had taken, he proved the swelling was going down.

“So I was allowed to continue with the hyperbaric therapy with the removing of all the dead skin and all that.”

After three years his leg is still on the mend.

“It was the most painful thing I ever experienced in my life.”

Already there’s been a handful of cases this year in the south.  But Angle says he didn’t remember that many until the oil disaster.

“If you look at the statistics before the spill and after the spill it’s a serious increase.”

But there is no exhaustive compilation of cases.

“So as far as Mobile County we have not had any of those cases,” said Barbara Gibbs, Mobile County Health Infection Diseases Nurse Dir.

Gibbs says Vibrio is always in the water, but the bacteria grow the most in the summer.

“Normally there are 80,000 illnesses as cited by the CDC per year, with a 100 of those resulting in death,” said Gibbs.

“I still fish people say I’m crazy, and which I am, but I know what I have to do.”

Angle says he’s more careful than ever, and constantly washes off with soap and water.


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