Death of local Navy SEAL trainee ruled a homicide

The death of Navy SEAL trainee James “Derek” Lovelace has been ruled a drowning homicide by the San Diego coroner, according to CBS News.

Lovelace was just 21 when he drowned during a training exercise back in May in Coronado, California.

Charges are expected against at least one of the supervisors involved in training Lovelace, and reports say this is a case of a trainer going too far.

Trainees are not supposed to be dunked, but Lovelace was dunked more than once.

An unnamed supervisor was placed on leave shortly after Lovelace’s death.

In a statement, Navy investigators said: “The nomenclature of the autopsy report does not signal that the Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigation into Seaman Lovelace’s death has culminated, nor that conclusions have been reached regarding criminal culpability.”

Lovelace was in just his first week of training when he was taking part in an exercise that involved him wearing a full uniform and a diving mask.

A Navy spokesman said back in May that Lovelace showed signs of distress, was pulled from the water and was pronounced dead at a civilian hospital shortly thereafter.

He had been treated for asthma in the past.

Lovelace attended Faulkner State Community College in Bay Minette and played baseball at Crestview High School and had earned the National Defense Ribbon and Sharpshooter Pistol Qualification after graduating basic training in January.


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