Bentley Talks Hubbard Trial, Possible Speaker Replacement

Found guilty on 12 felony ethics charges, Mike Hubbard is now former Speaker of the House. Prosecutors want to sentence him to an 18-year split sentence. Governor Robert Bentley says he will testify if he’s called to do so at the sentencing.

“Truth has a sound and I will always do that,” says Bentley.

Bentley says Hubbard was a friend…

“I feel for anyone who goes through difficult times and I pray for Mike and I’ll continue to do that. We just want, hopefully justice will be done.”

We even asked him about potential replacements for Hubbard..who he might think would be the best pick. But Bentley says he’s staying out of the discussion.

“There’s some good people that are running, I, honestly, I leave that up to the House. They will pick the right man, or woman, whoever that may be and they will do a good job and I will work with them very closely.”

Bentley says, when it comes to rebuilding trust after a scandal like this, you have to focus on doing the job you were chosen to do.

“You just love people and you continue to work hard for the people of the state. And that’s what I’m going to do. And that’s our job. You rebuild trust by continuing to do your job, do it in a humble way, do it because you love the people that you serve and that’s how you do it.”>

A Lee County Circuit Judge is set to sentence Hubbard July 8th.

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