Mega Millions Madness

Alabama is one of six states without a state lottery in the United States.

“Yes, this is it.”

For Jeanette McCall, standing in line to buy a ticket for the 415 million dollar jackpot is worth the wait.

“36, and the ball is 11, you want to know why I chose 11? Because I was born 11/11 the eleventh month on the eleventh day, yes, I’m not going to say the year,” says lottery player Janette McCall.

Choosing the numbers might be a simple method, but it’s one Janette hopes pays off for her.

“What’s for you is for you, people spend thousands and thousands of dollars on it, but if it’s not for you, it’s not for you,” says Janette.

Janette is hopeful tonight’s drawing goes her way. She even has a list of ways she’ll spend the money.

“The first thing I would do is pay my tithes in church,” says Janette.

When the jackpot grows, lines get long, this was back in January for the big Powerball jackpot.

But today at two separate convenience stores we saw these signs, making some customers wait even longer to possibly get a winning ticket.

In the mean time for Jeanette.

“Yes, I have the winning ticket.”

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