Here’s how to check bacteria levels on Gulf Coast beaches anytime

Rough surf along Alabama's beaches.

A lot of misinformation has been circulating lately about beaches and possible bacteria in the water, but there is a way to fact-check on that information anytime.

First, rest-assured that if there is a confirmed case of flesh-eating bacteria in our waters, we will talk about it in every newscast the day we learn about it.

If you’re concerned about bacteria levels of any kind including enterococci which can make you sick, there’s a state-run website that routinely takes water samples and posts that information online.

Bookmark the ADEM Beach Monitoring page by clicking here and scrolling down on the page to select the beach you’re looking to investigate.

You’ll also be able to see the history of water quality at the location.

Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana all have pages you can check as well.

Good things to keep in mind:

  • avoid the water if you have cuts/wounds
  • if your immune system is compromised, avoid the water
  • avoid the water if it has a strange smell or strange tint


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