Fireworks Illegal In Florida

Millions of Americans will celebrate Independence Day with "driveway fireworks." (Pixabay/CC0)

What’s a 4th of July Celebration without fireworks? But fire officials and doctors warn, leave the fireworks to the experts.

The State Fire Marshall’s Office isn’t playing around when it comes to the very real danger from lighting fireworks. Today, they teamed up with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office and Five Flags Sertoma to show just how destructive fireworks can be if you aren’t careful.

Anything that shoots, flies or explodes is illegal in the state of Florida.

Sparklers are legal, and they are a big draw- especially for kids. But, even they are more dangerous than you might think.

“they can burn in excess of 1,200 to 2,000 degrees, ” said Neal Tate, with the State Fire Marshall’s Office.

“Really, if you want to do sparklers, I recommend the best ones are the kinds you place on the ground. You light and you stand back,
Always have an adult supervision, an adult lighting them.”

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