75-Year Old Atmore Police Officer Retires

Sgt. Jimmy Jay
Jay has been with Atmore Police for 33 years.

ATMORE, AL- 75-year old Jimmy Jay enjoys celebrity status in Atmore. The veteran police officer is a local icon.  

When folks in Atmore found out Sgt. Jay was retiring, they got pretty emotional.

Jay was hired in 1983 by the city and was an “Alleyman.” Jay didn’t have a police cruiser, he walked the alleys and streets in downtown.

33 years later, Jay still occasionally finds himself checking back alleys and making sure business doors and windows are locked.

The 75-year old veteran cop says he’ll miss the people he’s met while on patrol.

Retirement wasn’t Jay’s decision. Jay’s family encouraged him to turn in his badge so he could spend more time with them. Jay says he’s looking forward to seeing his wife, eight kids and 29 grandchildren more.

Jay never had to fire his gun or even pull his service weapon. Jay says he used his communications skills as a primary police tool.

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