No Decision On “Sean’s Outpost”

No decision today on whether a homeless community can continue living in Satoshi Woods.
The Escambia County Development Committee tabled a discussion on the subject Wednesday evening.

Sean’s Outpost provides land for homeless people to live on- most of them live in tents. About 15 people are currently living in the community, according to organizer, Michael Kimbrel.

But, neighbors say it’s time for the group to move somewhere else. Their main concern is their property value because of what’s going on just beyond their fences.

“This isn’t the way to help homeless people, putting them in tents in the woods when there’s ice on the ground, and leaving them to their own devices. This is not helping them in any way,” said Richard Grimes. He lives next to Sean’s Outpost. “There has to be a better way. There just has to be a better way than just them sticking in our neighborhood.”

“I don’t have any other place to go,” said Russell, who lives in Sean’s Outpost. “If this camp closes down, ill be out on the street with everybody else.”

Bitcoin donations fund the Outpost.

The Review Committee hasn’t announced a new meeting date yet.

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