Gym Courts Concealed Carry Permit Holders

At Snap Fitness in Fort Walton Beach, there could be as many people packing heat as pumping iron. Owner David Newby has come up with a unique promotion – a month free at the gym for anyone with a concealed carry permit.

“I’m not even an NRA member,” Newby admitted.

But he says when he’s not running his gym and working as a personal trainer, he’s hunting or target shooting. And he says he has a lot of family friends and clients either in the military or law enforcement.

“I’m not a crazy gun person,” he said, “but I think it’s an important aspect to society and I support it 110 percent.”

Gym members think the promotion is a great idea.

“I thought that was just wonderful when I saw it,” said Cathie Slaughter. “I thought it was really awesome because the whole group of us here have our (permits). We all got them at the same time.  We got our guns together.”

Newby says the promotion has gone over well.

“No negative feedback whatsoever,” he said.” I have people call and say they like it which is surprising. I wasn’t expecting that.”

He says about a dozen or so people with concealed carry permits have taken him up on the offer and he hopes they’ll become long term members.

“They get a month free and hopefully they’ll stick around and I think they will.”

The gym is located on Race Track Road. Newby says he’ll keep the promotion going for the foreseeable future.

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