Gov. Bentley Asking for Lawsuit to be held after Scandal

Governor Robert Bentley and Senior Political Advisor Rebekah Mason.


Gov. Robert Bentley has asked for the wrongful termination suit filed by former Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Secretary Spencer Collier to be put on hold, according to

Gov. Robert Bentley
Gov. Robert Bentley


Bentley’s alleged mistress Rebekah Mason filed a motion to stay earlier this month, saying discovery could interfere with other investigations into her actions as his top aide.

Mason referred to the way that “she is, or might be, the subject of continuous criminal examinations identifying with, in addition to other things, her earlier livelihood” as

Bentley’s counsel. Mason says she has done nothing wrong from either a criminal or common point of view.

Bentley is saying he is immune from discovery altogether, citing “sovereign immunity” which his lawyers claim protects his office from the lawsuit altogether.

After letting Collier go in March, Collier has decided to sue Bentley and a few others.

Bentley referred to worries of money related blunder inside ALEA as the premise for the terminating Collier, yet indications of that examination so far have been non-existent.

In particular, lawyers for the senator recorded a movement to stay disclosure for the situation. Collier a week ago educated the court that he had sent to Bentley a first demand for revelation records, which could in the long run be utilized as proof as a part of a trial.

A hearing has been set by Montgomery Circuit Judge Gene Reese for Aug. 18. A formerly planned listening to set for July 26 has been expelled from the court.


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