Alabama Mayor Found Guilty of Assaulting City Councilman

ALEXANDER CITY, Alabama – Alexander City Mayor Charles. left, is restrained by an officer after a fight broke out between the mayor and Councilman Tony Goss, far right, Those attending the meeting along with officers had to intervene after the Monday, April, 25, 2016 meeting of the ALexander CIty CIty Council meeting adjourned. The incident took place at Alexander CIty City Hall and was intended to discuss city audits and other municipal financial issues but the meeting broke down to a shouting match before it ended and the brawl ensued. (Mitch Sneed/Alexander CIty Outlook via AP)

A central Alabama mayor has been found guilty of assault in an attack on a councilman during a meeting in late April.
Court records filed Wednesday say Alexander City Mayor Charles Shaw was convicted of third degree assault in Tallapoosa County District Court.
Alexander City Councilman Tony Goss told local media that Shaw punched him in the face several times during an April 25 meeting and the two got in a fight.
Shaw has said he punched Goss after a heated discussion on local finances. His wife, Lavern, was also charged with assault in the confrontation.
An order filed Wednesday says Shaw’s 30-day sentence has been suspended and he’s ordered to serve 12 months of unsupervised probation and pay several fines.

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