What’s Working: USA Goes Green

In tonight’s What’s Working: a few people are making a big difference at the University of South Alabama. The University has started a large recycling program. They have recycled a few items in the past, but not on the scale that they have over the last ten months.

Dr. Glenn Borchert is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology. When he accepted the position, he says he was shocked to learn that the University didn’t have a full recycling program, and he wanted to change that. With the help of Todd Culp in the Maintenance Department, Borchert’s graduate student, Justin Roberts, and a handful of others, they cleared out a shed behind the Maintenance Building and made a space to house recycles. In the last ten months, they have collected 250,000 pounds of recycled materials. Borchert says, “It has been a quarter of a million pounds of plastic and aluminum, and cardboard…A quarter of a million pounds! A car is 3,000 pounds. I think when we really get this going, we are going to do a million pounds a year. There is no doubt in my mind that we don’t do that as a University.”

Graduate student, Justin Roberts, says the goal is to educate more students about the recycling program. He says they plan to pass out fliers at Freshman Orientation, letting students know not to just throw away something that can be recycled. He says, “That is one of my thrills going through South Alabama is being a part of this.”

USA has partnered with Goodwill Easter Seals to collect the recycles. Goodwill sends a truck a couple of times a week to pick up all the paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass, and they take it to their new recycling facility on Hitt Road.

Anyone from the public or the University is welcome to drop off recycles at USA’s facility. It is located off of University Blvd. North, behind the Maintenance Building.

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