Plain Gardening: Grandma’s Garden Explained

Why do folks call Bill’s garden “Grandma’s garden”?


Well, let’s start with what most modern gardens are like: small, with dwarf plants, and tightly pruned and closely mown.

A “grandma’s garden” is a heritage-style garden: big, blousy, colorful, and beautiful.

Cosmos is a great grandma-style plant. Gardening expert Bill Finch says you can’t just go to “the gettin’ store” and pick one up; you have to grow them from seed like grandma did.

They grow big, with lots of colorful blooms. Other heritage plants include eye-catching zinnias, furry-looking celosia, plate-sized hibiscus, spectacular crinums, tall irises, and long-blooming salvia.

These plants grow big. Colors may clash, and that’s okay.

It’s part of the feel. It’s okay to have an imperfect garden-in fact, in many ways it’s better. Many gardens today have a plastic, commercial feel. Grandma’s garden is about participating in and enjoying the garden.

Learn more about how Grandma’s garden can reflect on your garden by calling Bill’s radio show Sunday mornings from 9-11 on 106.5FM or email <>.

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