MPD Releases Timeline of Michael Moore Shooting Incident

Following Thursday’s press conference, the Mobile Police Department released a timeline and fact sheet listing all the information they have at this time.

Here it is in its entirety:

June 17, 2016

• On June 13, 2016, shortly after 6 p.m., Officer Hurst was on his way to roll call when he observed a white Lexus make a quick left turn from Stanton Road onto Wagner Street, crossing over into oncoming traffic. The maneuver almost caused a collision and caused traffic to come to an abrupt stop. Officer Hurst conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle on Wagner Street.

• According to Officer Hurst, the Lexus was occupied by three individuals. He approached the passenger side of the vehicle and asked the driver for license and registration but the driver did not have the material requested. The driver provided an identity that came back false and a check on the tag # revealed that the vehicle was stolen.

• Once determined that the vehicle was reported stolen, the operator attempted to find a backing unit. Officer Hurst made his way to the driver side of the Lexus and asked the driver to step out of the vehicle. The driver complied.

• The driver exited the vehicle with a cell phone in his hand. Officer Hurst instructed the driver to set the cell phone down and as the driver complied, Officer Hurst observed the weapon in his waistband.

• Officer Hurst gave several commands for the driver to keep his hands away from the weapon. During this time, Officer Hurst indicated that the driver tried to get access to the firearm and that is when he fired at the suspect. The driver goes down and once on the ground, the driver attempts a second time to gain access to the weapon at which time Officer Hurst said he fired an additional shot.

• Officer Hurst holds the injured subject and other occupants of the vehicle at gunpoint until backing arrives. Upon their arrival, they handcuffed the injured subject and both passengers.

• Mobile Fire-Rescue responded to the scene and transported Michael Moore to USA Medical Center where he later succumbed to his injuries.

• MPD places Officer Hurst on administrative leave until the preliminary investigation and internal investigation are complete.

• FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office begin to conduct a parallel investigation based on the civil rights allegations.


• The other two individuals in the vehicle were questioned along with seven other witnesses including a passerby. One of the individuals in the vehicle stated Michael Moore armed himself with the pistol before the officer approached the vehicle the second time.

• The passerby stated he saw the pistol on the rear right side of the driver’s waistline.


• MPD investigators recovered a semi-automatic 40 caliber Smith and Wesson from Michael Moore.

• MPD confirms that a total of five shots were fired by Officer Hurst.

• The white Lexus Michael Moore was driving was reported stolen on June 11, 2016.

• On June 15, 2016, MPD discovered that the handgun found in Michael Moore’s possession had been reported stolen the previous night.

• Stolen Items found in the vehicle from recent vehicle burglaries.

o A safe was discovered in the trunk of the Lexus.
o An Exxon Mobile Gas card was in the driver’s door.
o An iPhone charger was found in the passenger’s compartment.
o A USA Visor and Axe body spray were found in the back seat.
o A container of gum was found in the back seat.

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