MPD Chief James Barber Explains Michael Moore’s Gunshot Wounds

We’re learning more information when it comes to Michael Moore’s gunshot wounds.

Mobile Police Chief James Barber says Moore was struck three times. He says the current autopsy evidence shows Moore was shot once near the left shoulder and again in the right abdomen  while he was still standing. He says the bullet trajectory was front to back.

Barber said the third shot went diagonally across Moore’s chest and the autopsy evidence, at this time, indicates this wound came while Moore was on the ground. Barber says the path of these bullets are consistent with the officer’s statement and the evidence gathered at this point in the investigation.

Earlier on Friday, WKRG reported that all three shots that struck him happened while Moore was standing up and the shot fired while Moore was on the ground missed him. That information, which came directly from the police department’s public information officer, was not correct. Chief James Barber called us after the story aired with the clarification on the wounds. He says that going forward, he will be the point of contact for all information regarding this case. He says he wants to make sure everything is consistent.

The chief says there is still so much evidence and information being gathered because it is still less than 100 hours into the investigation. He says at this point, the investigation is still very “fluid,” but he felt it was important to get information out to the public as early as possible.

As with any case, new information and evidence can change an investigation and the chief is urging anyone with information to call the Mobile Police Department.



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