Community Leader Expected to Make Full Recovery


Friends and coworkers say Cozy Brown had surgery this morning and is expected to make a full recovery. The beloved restaurant owner was shot during a robbery attempt outside his business. And yes, Cozy Brown’s Kitchen is open for business today.  One of the first people at the restaurant Thursday night after the shooting was Head Cook Terence Caffey.  Caffey was back at work Friday morning after a long night of praying and worrying about his boss.

That’s how we all is, we’re like a family here, or a football team and he’s our quarterback,” said Caffey.  Even if you aren’t a regular at the Kitchen, everyone who knows Cozy Brown seems to have a story about his kindness.

If he thought you needed help, he’d help ya, I ran into him a few years back he saw me and said here put this in your pocket that’s the kind of person he is, that’s all I can say about him,” said friend OJ Jackson.  Community Chaplain Patrick Munnerlyn is also a regular at the restaurant.  Everyone’s happy to hear Brown’s doing better.

He’s always had affordable prices in our community and if a person walked in and didn’t have it right here in this restaurant you walk in there and you don’t have it they’ll feed you anyway but Cozy is always around in any given situation be it community, be it political or whatever he’s always there,” said Munnerlyn.  


Investigators with the Prichard Police Department are looking for the man who gunned down Cozy Brown Thursday night during a robbery.

The popular restaurant owner was closing up when, police say, a man tried to rob him at gunpoint.

Police say Brown fought with his attacker and was shot several times. The robber ran off.

Brown was taken to USA Medical Center for treatment. No word yet on his condition.

One of Brown’s employees says Brown was walking and talking before being taken away in an ambulance. He says Brown was shot in the chest, stomach and legs.

Prichard Police is looking for leads in the case. If you can help, give them a call at 251-452-2211.

Cozy Brown’s Kitchen on Wasson Avenue has been a fixture in the Prichard community for years.

Brown is known for helping feed the hungry during Thanksgiving.

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