A/C Units Breaking All Over Mobile

air conditioning unit

The dog days of summer are here.

“It is crazy!” says Mike Stanton with Air Specialty.

With a heat index of 105-109 degrees, we can see here what kind of effects it has on us when we’re outside. It’s equally important to keep things cool inside as well.

“I’m going to say about 30-40 calls a day,” says Stanton.

A/C units across Mobile are calling it quits and Mike Stanton with Air Specialty says his guys are working 70 to 80 hours a week, working night and day to get folks nice and cool.

And here at News 5, we’re no exception. Our air went out yesterday and the only thing worse than having the air out in your home is having the air out in your office.

A broken thermostat can be costly. To help prevent that, experts say change out your air filter every month so your unit doesn’t have to work overtime to pump the air through. And turning your air way down may not be the best option for your pocketbook.

“You’re looking at 3%-4% on just your cooling side of your bill. During the day we recommend leaving that thermostat somewhere around that 78-79 degrees if you’re looking to save electricity and save some dollars there,” says Miles McDaniel with Riviera Utilities.

And if you turn it down too low, the unit could freeze up once it gets cooler outside and break that way.

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