South Alabama President: Here’s why tuition is going up

university of south alabama

USA tuition went up three percent this year, which is in addition to increases every year since 2008 following dramatic cuts to state funding.

Other schools around the state also increased tuition this year, most also by three percent.

USA President Tony Waldrop sat down with News 5 on Wednesday and explained that even though USA didn’t suffer additional cuts in state-funding this year, they’re still trying to catch up.

“By raising tuition over those same years, we generated 75 and a half million, leaving $251 million less than what we would have had if we had not had that cut from the state,” said Waldrop.

New USA president Joshua Crownover says that it’s tough for students, but he encourages students to lobby the state.

“It’s up to us to take that fight to the state legislature and let them know they’re investing in the future of the country,” said Crownover. USA attends Higher Education Day annually and meets with representatives to discuss higher education.

As for changes, the university had cut down staff after 2008 and is working to rebuild those staffing levels. USA is also working on campus infrastructure including an antiquated heating and cooling system as well as various other construction projects. The building that formerly housed USA’s student newspaper and a calling center will now be a centralized location for student health.

The school boasts more than 16,000 students, higher enrollment than ever, and they’re also raising their standards of admittance.

Those who don’t get into USA are encouraged to start at local community colleges and receive special attention from USA through a Pathway program that even allows students of the program to enjoy USA benefits while they’re attending community college classes.

As for the possibility of a campus stadium, Waldrop reaffirmed that no student money would go to a campus stadium.

For more on what Waldrop said, see the video above.

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