MPD Looking For Identity Thief Targeting Local Stores

An unidentified woman was caught on surveillance cameras in a Mobile Walmart making purchases using stolen card information. Terrence Perkins, MPD’s PIO Officer, said, “There’s a female going into several local businesses making purchases using what we call a cloned credit card.”

In the surveillance footage, you can see where a manager is called over during her transaction, but ultimately she walks out of the door with her loot.

Identity theft may not be something that crosses your mind while you’re out shopping, but according to experts maybe it should be. Keith Miller, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, said, “You are essentially at risk at any point during those transactions– your information is at risk at any point during those transactions.”

Miller said most fraudsters use a RFID reader to steal your information straight from card readers at stores, gas stations and ATMs, “If you have an RFID reader and you skim someone’s number while they’re in line then you can turn around and have a blank card and recode the blank card using the information on the back of the stolen card.”

While your information is always at risk Miller says there are ways you can protect yourself. For example, you should always check the card readers for add-ons or oddities before swiping your card, you should never allow someone else to use your debit card and you should never update your card information unless you’re directly contacted by your bank.

Miller also added that making purchases over the Internet is a lot safer than making a purchases in-person.

This woman is still at large and MPD is actively looking for her. If you have information that could help their investigation you can contact them at 251-208-7248.

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