High School Lets Boys Wear Shorts But Not Girls, Parents Upset

**UPDATE** A spokesperson for the school system explained, ” Baker replaced skirts with capri pants. Girls had been wearing short skirts. They had asked girls several times throughout the year not to wear short skirts, but have continued to have issues with length.”

***ORIGINAL STORY*** Baker High School is making a change to its uniform policy for the 2016-2017 school year, and parents aren’t happy about it.

Female students can no longer wear skirts and  must wear long pants or capris while their male peers can wear “knee-length tan khaki shorts.”

Joyce Johnson, a parent to a freshman girl, said she feels the policy is a big step backward when it comes to gender equality. UNIFORM POLICY

“In this age of gender equality and everything that’s going on in this world, I want my daughter to know she can do anything a boy can do,” Johnson said.”I’d love for them to say both girls and boys can wear shorts. It’s very hot here. I looked up every other high school in the Mobile County public school area and they either allow shorts or don’t allow shorts. None of them distinguish that boys may do something that girls can’t.”

Johnson said she reached out to school administrators and the superintendent, but has yet to receive any response.

April Jenkins, another parent at the school, feels the same way.  “I think it’s completely unfair because it’s not a man’s world anymore,” Jenkins said.

The school, like many others, has battled the issue of girls wearing skirts that are “too short,” but Johnson said her daughter and other girls shouldn’t be punished for the actions of others.

“My daughter should not be restricted or judged based on a claim like ‘ well girls tend to do this.’ She should be judged based on her merit and actions.” Johnson said. “And, they should enforce the dress code.”

We reached out to the school system but no one was available to talk about the policy in time for the newscast.





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