Blue Angels Return, Fans Surprised and Proud

U.S Navy Blue Angels

Almost everyone was caught off guard.

“I never dreamed we would see them today,” said Vickie McGohan visiting from Arkansas.

Two weeks after enduring tragedy to a triumphant return of the Navy’s Blue Angels. “It was really an emotional feeling to see it go by,” said Bryan Pierce from Mississippi. “It made me proud to be an American.”

With little notice, the five team members took to the sky flying over Perdido Key, downtown Pensacola and Pensacola Beach. Kind of one last thank you before getting back to work. “I’m just proud to see them up in the air after the tragedy,” says McGohan. “It was great! Yeah, they were right in our face.”

Thursday afternoon the familiar sound of the FA-18 Hornets filled the air again. “I know it’s really only been a short period of time but it’s really great that they are back up in the air,” said Paul Woodall visiting from Maryland.

For about an hour they cut through the skies. The first practice session in two weeks and again close to the beaches that surround home. “I see them all the way out here and I thought they were birds, just regular birds at first and then they get closer and I see the wings and I see the U.S. Navy and I was like, that’s the Blue Angels,” says 12 year old William Slagle, “It just surprised me.” Just like it did everyone else.

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