Survive Mass Shootings With ‘Warrior Mentality’

As many times as we hear about mass shootings, it’s a situation most are not prepared to experience.

“This weapon right here spits out a few hundred rounds a minute,” said John Graham, a self-defense expert with over two decades of law enforcement experience, showed us an AR-15 rifle.

Orlando Police believes an AR-15 style assault rifle was used early Sunday morning in the gay nightclub shooting.

Graham tells us, during a shooting event there’s little time to react.

“He’s probably going to have 2 or 3 magazines couple hundred rounds,” said Graham.

Getting down low and avoiding gun fire is one step to avoid gunfire.

“He’s going to spray that room.”

4-6 feet away, Graham says a person is frankly an easy target.

“Your chances of hiding behind a sofa and getting away are slim to none.”

Because there have been so many large scale mass shootings, the FBI has put out an advisory, telling people involved in an event to;  run, hide, and fight.  But Graham adds hoping a shooter will go after another target is unrealistic.  He says you need to make sure you know how to put up a fight.

“Don’t stand up straight up but go like you’re a football player trying to knee tackle from all angles everybody should get on him.”

Of course, he says if you’re far enough away, absolutely, run.

“In a bottleneck situation, you need to run, if you see 20 or 30 people going towards that exit and they’re all crammed in there, go the other way.”

And he warns, escaping may not be an option.

“What we have to do is change our thinking, we’re no longer going to think, flight or fight, as Americans we’re going to say fight, and fight, and fight.”

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