Mayor Stimpson Reveals Plans For Map For Mobile

Today, Mayor Sandy Stimpson and Mark White, a land use expert, held a ride-a-long to the Sky Ranch area off of old Highway 90. This is one of the first areas they hope to revitalize using the guidelines set forth in the Map for Mobile.

Old Highway 90 was once a flourishing corridor through the city of Mobile however over the years the area has declined.  Driving through the area you can see run-down shopping centers with vacant store space, the remains of what use to be a popular movie theater, abandoned signs as well as a general lack of upkeep.

But, residents of the area have a new vision for the neighborhood.

This is the first neighborhood of many the city of Mobile plans to revamp, but before anything can be done the city’s current zoning code has to be rewritten.

The city has employed Mark White and his company, White & Smith, LLC, to help with this process and White says the Map for Mobile will act as their guide.

The process of implementing zoning, land use, code and ordinance changes will take 2-years, so it will be sometime before we see any developmental changes in Mobile.


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