Gun Sales and Permits Expected to Shoot Up After Orlando Incident

It happens every time after a mass shooting incident occurs, gun sales go up.

“Natural concern for safety, people are dealing with an unusual event the best way they can,” said Scott Thompson, Three Brothers Arms.

The fears and worry also translate to an uptick at the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.  Civil Division Manager Adam Bourne says more people also apply for a pistol permit so they can carry a concealed handgun.

“The other reason we hear is that the federal government may start some kind of move towards increased regulations,” said Bourne.

But Scott Thomson a firearms instructor says, just having a firearm is only one part of the preparation if you choose to carry.

“If you’re going to commit evil you don’t need a firearm.”

He says whether someone is armed with a handgun, or an AR 15 rifle, which is what authorities believe was used in the nightclub shooting on Sunday, he says it’s the intent of the person behind the firearm.

“You can do it with whatever there is; it comes down to mindset.”

And Thomspon says it comes down to in a shooting event is preparation; that is to either escape or fight.

“So be aware of your surroundings, come up with a game plan, and start practicing your game plan, you’re better off preparing now, than later.  The more preparations you have now, the more effective you’ll be in an incident,” said Thompson.

And he says, just making sure you know where the exits are in a building could end up saving your life or someone else’s.

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