DISTURBING: Woman Arrested for Reckless Abuse of Elder

Angela Butler (Courtesy: Baldwin County Sheriff's Office)

The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a 52-year-old for the death of an elderly woman in Robertsdale.

Angela Butler faces a felony charge for allegedly abusing and neglecting Billie Jo Quintier, who died on Wednesday.

Deputies say Quintier, the elderly victim, received CPR in her home and was transported to the hospital on Monday.

Quintier was suffering from severe weight loss, plus large and severe bed sores.  News 5 is told pictures of the bed sores were too graphic for release to the public.

On Wednesday, Quintier was removed from life support and died at South Baldwin Regional Medical Center.

A joint investigation launched by deputies and the Baldwin County Department for Human Resources revealed that Butler was responsible for Quintier’s well-being.  Deputies say Butler had been taking care of Quintier for the last six years, regularly feeding and bathing her because she couldn’t do it herself.

Investigators determined that Butler recklessly abused and neglected Quintier, leading to the deteriorated state that caused her death.

Butler was charged with violating the Protection of Aged Adults and Adults with Disabilities Act, a class C felony.

The investigation is ongoing, as more/upgraded charges are possible.

Butler is being held on $20,000 bond at the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Corrections Center.

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