Construction Begins To Re-Open Alabama Point

Closed for five years, Alabama Point could re-open this summer.

One of the most popular places in Orange Beach has been off-limits to the public for five years. Now, a 250 thousand dollar project is underway that could re-open at least part of Alabama Point this summer.

“We’ve all spent a lot of time down here one time or another and it’s really great spot. The only place like it in Alabama really,” says Orange Beach Coastal Resource Manager Phillip West. “It’s a shame it’s been unavailable for so long but we’re going to fix that.”

IMG_3630 IMG_3632

The old parking lot is being ripped up. A safety fence is coming down along with the old guard rail. A new look for is on the way. “Backfilling with sand to create sand like a beach and on top of that, for a lot of the length, there will be a boardwalk, you know ADA accessible boardwalk and landscaping to create the park look and benches, lights. It will still be open at night like it used to be,” says West.

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From the land, you can obviously see the damage but from the water, you can see the big gaping holes. It’s the seawall that has caused the problem. Years of currents, salt water and storms have taken a toll.


“What you won’t be able to see really,” says West, “underneath the water along the sheet pile itself some of the big gaping holes where a lot of that fill has come out.”


The diehards that still find a place along the wall to throw a line out or just come to enjoy the view, have been waiting patiently for ‘something’ to happen. That wait is almost over.

Because Alabama Point is on state property, the city of Orange Beach had to get clearance from two state agencies for the temporary fix. Eventually, the entire seawall will have to be repaired or replaced. That will be a multi-million dollar project the state has not been anxious to tackle.

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