Harmful Ozone on Ground

Bienville Square - 6-8

Today has been one of the rare days where the air-quality is less than sub-par in the Mobile area. Reason being there is a small amount of Ozone that has made its way to the eath’s surface.

Up in the atmosphere Ozone acts as a filter by blocking some of the harmful rays of the sun. However, if ozone ever makes it down to the surface it becomes a toxic substance. Across the globe ozone is a key contributor to smog that you commonly see in big cities with big industry around them.

It’s easy to be unaware that the air quality is bad because you can’t see it and you usually can’t feel it. It seemed like a beautiful day in Downtown Mobile and to an extent it was. Lower humidity and plenty of sunshine would make someone feel nothing is off even though it very well maybe.

The amount of ozone in Mobile Wednesday wasn’t too high, but it was enough for it to be deemed unhealthy for sensitive groups. Now what that means is, for anyone with a lung condition or anyone with asthma for example would be at extra risk. People with those kind of conditions could find themselves out of breathe quicker and would become more easily exhausted. Either way, days like Wednesday could become hazardous quickly if not knowing.

It’s always a good idea to be aware of the air quality and if you have any conditions check before any strenuous activities.

If the forecast calls for bad air quality check our weather section of wkrg.com or you can head over to airnow.com for the forecast.

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