Another MCPSS School Has Dangerously Low Enrollment

From the moment it was announced parents came out in opposition, Upset over the closure of two Mobile County Schools; Belsaw in Mount Vernon and Mae Eanes Middle School.

Superintendent Martha Peek says declining enrollment at the schools hampered their abilities to educate.

“What we do is look at when are we at a point where we can’t provide a real comprehensive program,” said Peek.

Both Mae Eanes and Belsaw were well under their designed capacity.

“Belsaw Mount Vernon was 82 percent under capacity and Mae Eanes was 62 percent under capacity,” said Peek.

But News 5 has learned another school is now in that same category. Officials did not want to divulge all of their numbers regarding capacities but say Mobile County Training School is their only other location more than 60 percent under capacity.

But Peek says at the moment that school is not in danger.

“There is absolutely no thought of changing Mobile County Training School. A lot of history there and a viable program that we still have in place and really not an alternative right no alternative to move the students,” said Peek.

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