Tropical Storm Colin Brushes Alabama Gulf Coast

Rough surf along Alabama's beaches.

A tropical storm in the gulf means only one thing to Billy Sheppard. While Colin was developing in the gulf, Sheppard was planning on heading east too. “I got off work at 7 this morning. I’m a fireman in Biloxi. Loaded up, boom! Here we go. Good trip.”

colin surfer

With waves building throughout the day surf conditions along Baldwin County beaches will be the most dangerous part of the storm.

For tourists, not the best way to start your vacation. This is the first day of the Bobb’s vacation. “Well, they say it’s going to go towards Florida,” says Nelson Bobb. “That’s what we’re hoping.”

colin 1 colin 4

Traveling from Kentucky, they haven’t been here in more than a decade and not even a tropical storm was going to stop them. “I think it’s great,” says Marlene. “I haven’t been here in 13 years. I think it looks fine.”

A few more hours and tropical storm Colin will be just another rainmaker. At least for now, beachgoers in Baldwin County will ride out the storm the best way they know how. “It’s going to get better,” says Sheppard. “Tomorrow morning should be something you’ve never seen.”

colin 5

Red flags have been up all day. They will continue into Tuesday as tropical storm Colin brushes this part of the coast.

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